Emergency Centre

SOS International Copy
SOS International, the leading independent emergency center of the Netherlands.


Land Information min. Foreign affairs
Website with country information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the political situation, traditions, beliefs and practices of each country.

Atlas Caribbean, website with maps and general information about the Caribbean.


All Dutch embassies in the world.

What souvenirs should one not enter
What can you do and do not take them.


Passenger rights in airline tickets
This brochure gives all the information (rights and obligations) of importance for air passengers in Europe.

Currency Converter

GWK currency converter
Currency converter


Rural Coordination Center Traveller Advice
Information on risks and preventive measures for travelers.

The weather

Hurricane Warnings
Hurricane Center with global hurricane warnings.

Netherlands Antilles and Aruba
Website of the meteorological service of the Netherlands Antilles, Willemstad.

Weather worldwide
Weather Overviews per world region.

Local Events

Festivals in the Caribbean
This link will give you an overview of all festivals in the Caribbean.

Aruba events calendar
Events in Aruba.

Anguilla events calendar
Events in Anguilla.

Bahamas events calendar
Events in the Bahamas.

Barbados events calendar
Events in Barbados.

Bonaire evementen calendar
Events on Bonaire.

Local newspapers

Amigoe: News from the Dutch Antilles and Aruba is the website of the Dutch evening newspaper Daily Herald, the oldest daily newspaper in the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba.

De Ware Tijd
Dutch website with news from Suriname.

Travel advice

Wise traveling
How wise are you traveling? Before you travel you should take into account a number of important issues.
A good preparation you will surely enjoy a wonderful holiday.
The website Reflect trip is packed with useful tips and information, a checklist of things to keep in mind before you travel,
but also what to look for when you arrive at your destination.

Travel articles

Articles for adventure holidays
Here you will find a list of articles that may come in handy in an adventurous journey.

School holidays

Information about Dutch school vacations
According to the Ministry of Education.

Language and Communication

Vacation Language
Learn in a short time the desired language holidays.

Call abroad
Information about calling abroad.

Tourist Offices

Anguilla Tourist Board.

Antigua & Barbuda
Antigua and Barbuda Department of Tourism.

Aruba Tourism Authority.

Bahamas Tourist Office.

Barbados Tourism Authority.

Tourism Corporation Bonaire.

Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands Department of Tourism.

Curacao Tourist Board Europe.

Jamaica Tourist Board

Nevis Tourism Authority.

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico Tourism Company.

Saba’s Tourist Office.

Saint Lucia
English website of Saint Lucia Tourist Board.

St. Eustatius
St. Eustatius Tourist office.

St. Maarten
St. Maarten Tourist Bureau.

Suriname Tourism Foundation.

Trinidad & Tobago
Trindad & Tobago Tourism & Development Company.


Europeesche Insurance
Information on various travel and leisure insurance you can book through us.

Passport and Visa

The Consulate of Suriname
Here you can find information and request your visa.

Passport Information
Information about the passport and identity card.

Visa service
For visa and country information or to apply for a visa.