Below are answers to frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered, please contact us via phone or email.


When will I receive my tickets?

Usually we send you your tickets about a week before departure (if the payment is received in full). If it is an e ticket you will get it by e-mail.

Can I take my medication with me?

If you are using certain medications, make sure you take enough with you. Also make sure to take a copy of the prescription just in the event of losing your medicines or theft. Also, when needed you can use the prescription as proof that its really a medicine.

Can I book my trip by phone?

It’s very easy to book your trip by phone. All you need to do is call us on the number 070-3699007. Gives us the dates and your destination and we will check for availability. If available and you confirm, we book the ticket for you.

How do I receive an invoice for my booking?

When placing an online reservation you can specify if you wish to receive the invoice by post or email. By mail you receive the invoice at the given address within 4 working days. By email you will receive the invoice within one business day. If we need to send your invoice and other documents per registered email, we will charge you an extra € 7.50.


Visa Application


Visa applications for passengers departing from Suriname.

Our two offices in Suriname can assist you in applying for the visa for your parents / relatives at the Dutch Embassy  in Paramaribo.

The following documents must be send to us in the Netherlands.

  1. Original warranty letter, not older than 3 months, which you can get from your townhall/district offices. A handwritten invitation letter is required by the townhall for legalization.
  2. Copy last payslip.
  3. Copy of passport (only the page with your name / validity and photo)
  4. An insurance certificate (can be aquired at our offices in the Netherlands or in Suriname).

Within one week, these documents are sent to one of our offices, and the visa application is put in motion.
At our offices in the Netherlands you can not only make the booking for your travelers coming from Suriname, but also pay for the ticket, the visa application fee and the travel insurance.

For more information, please contact us.

Visa applications for passasgiers departing from the Netherlands.

Travelers aged 60 years and above no longer have to apply for a visa in advance; they can apply for the visa on arrival at the Johan Pengel Airport in Paramaribo. They must bring a recent photo. Cost € 36, -; wait time can be a few hours.

In order to speed up the processing of visa applications for Suriname, the Consulate General of the Republic of Suriname in Amsterdam decided that starting from 1 November 2005 all visa applications for Suriname must be submitted through the website of the Consulate General. This website shows step by step how the visa application must be completed and sent (a copy of the visa application should always be printed and signed as evidence).
Click here for the application form.

All visa applications must be completed no later than 10 days after the date of application. Visa applications that are not settled after 10 days are removed from the system.

In Brussels Visas are still issued the “old” way, with a simple application form.


Six months visas for India can still be issued,  but only at the discretion of the consul. When applying for a longer visa, the reason should be clearly mentioned in the application. Emergency / Urgent Visa Applications for tourists are not issued anymore.

All applications will be meticulously checked.  Attention will be paid on the signatures on the application, guarantee letter and invitation. When applying for a business visa, do not forget to mention two Indian and two Dutch references, including (company) name, address and telephone number.

Tourists can still get a half-year visa with multiple entry.

Application procedure Visa for India:
With effect from November 1st, the Indian consulate changed the procedure for applying for a visa. This can no longer be done at the Indian Consulate at The Hague.
The application must now be requested at the India Visa Service. This is an office where you can drop off your passport and 2 passport ‘s and the fee of € 68, – per passport.
The visa office is located in The Hague, Laan van Meerdervoort 72 – tel 070-31 10 910..
We could also take care of  of this application process; deliver your passport(s) and the two pictures and we take care of the rest. The costs are € 78, – per passport.

Please note that same day visa processing is not possible anymore.