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Airfare and arranged vacation
As IATA office, we provide flights to all destinations worldwide. Please see our deals for individual vacations on our website

In addition to taking care of individual trips, we also have a lot of experience in taking care of group travel arrangments.


Waldo’s World Wide Travel Service – History

Waldo’s Travel was founded in 1993 in Suriname by Mr. Waldo Gobardhan. After 30 years of being employed by Chi Hung Travel Agency at Dr. Sophie Redmond Street in Paramaribo, Mr. Gobardhan decided in 1993 to start on his own at Heerenstraat # 8 in Paramaribo. Presently the company is located at Kerkplein # 10.

Waldo’s World Wide Travel Service quickly grew into a successful company with a strong reputation in the Surinamese society. Reliability, good customer service and professionalism are very high priority with us. Our team is a reflection (Chinese / Javanese / Hindi / Creole) of the Surinamese population. In 2003 Waldo’s Travel was nominated in Germany for the Quality Award prize. Due to the size of our clientele, not only in Suriname but as well in the Netherlands, there was a need to open an office in the Netherlands. In 2001 we opened our first Netherlands office, which is located at the Paul Kruger Laan# 119 in The Hague. In May 2013 we opened a second office in the Netherlands, which is in Amsterdam. This is a joint venture together with Mr. Ali Guman and is called GumanWaldos Travel.

We also have offices at the following addresses in Suriname:

Kwattaweg #893, Indira Ghandiweg #437 and Bonistraat #133